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After Usui Reiki developed Reiki, several other forms of Reiki began to emerge. Each of these, while keeping most Reiki traditions, have used different powers and energies in order to aid healing. One popular type of Reiki is known as Gold Reiki. This specific Reiki type focuses on a certain universal energy to help with healing.

The practice of Gold Reiki is not vastly different from traditional Reiki. However, it utilizes a specific source of energy that it calls on from the Rei, or universal energies. This universal energy is known as the Golden Ray. The Golden Ray has several specific qualities and attributes that can be utilized to focus healing energies on a person.

Purification is the first attribute of the Golden Ray. It is known that this energy can very easily cleanse certain energy blocks. Because it is associated with a pure form of energy, it is thought to easily move into a person and allowing a higher vibration of energy to move through them, causing healing.

A second attribute of the Golden Ray its ability to transform darkness and fear attributes. It can change darkness and fear attributes inside a person into forms of light and happiness by using its energy source. If you are having problems with depression, anxiety or phobias you may be able to use Gold Reiki to solve these problems.

When learning Gold Reiki one would use three major attunements. These open certain channels where the Golden Ray energy can easily move in relation to your energies, while allowing for relaxation. If you choose to use these attunements on your own, it is best to use each one separately over a period of five days. This will individually cleanse each chakra. After using the last attunement, you can call on the specific universal energy to help with your healing.

If you are interested in learning about Gold Reiki, there are several places on the web or in your local area to find one who is trained with this universal energy. Many places offer home study, as well as private training. Through the process of learning this, you will be knowledgeable about which attunements and symbols to use in order to call on the Golden Ray energy in your Reiki healing sessions.

The use of Gold Reiki is not the most common form of Reiki that is used. Its focuses on the specific universal energy of the Golden Ray. It aids specific forms of healing so that you will be able to move past your body's energy blocks. If you decide to use Gold Reiki as a healing method, there are many sources in order to research the best method of training for you.
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