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Eliminating Dark Undereye Circles | Print |  E-mail
Image If you want to entirely eliminate those annoying, unsightly circles from under your eyes, there's hope. No other facial flaw is more apparent to others than dark circles. The presence of dark circles ages your appearance and is a clearer indication that someone is unhealthy, whether by stress or by poor living habits. The cause is typically a combination of things like heredity, allergies, aging, sun damage, and, of course, lack of sleep.

Even if you get enough sleep and stay stress-free, during the course of aging there is a possibility that you may develop dark circles. This results when the layer of fat underneath your eyes thickens over time and, in certain lightening, gives the illusion of dark circles. In addition to the undereye fat layer, years of sun damage causes microscopic blood vessels underneath your eyes to become instable and compound the problem of dark circles.

There are things you can do about your dark circles. Below are 3 simple things of which you can take advantage to assist the fight against your tired-looking eyes.

1. Use tea bags and cucumbers. There is a definite benefit to placing cucumbers and tea bags on the eyes. Both cucumbers and tea bags decrease swelling and reduce inflammation. Tea bags are especially effective to use on dark swollen circles because the tannin found in tea helps eradicate puffiness.

2. Generously use anti-oxidants. Antioxidant treatments aid in the reduction of fluid buildup under the eyes, resulting in a decrease in the appearance of dark circles. Choose treatments that involve large quantities of vitamin C and GHK copper peptides. Additionally, vitamin K is successful at restoring undereye blood vessel strength and stability, thereby reducing their proliferation.

3. When you need a quick coverup, try using a concealer. Using a yellowtone will neutralize the purples, blues, and husky tones in the skin. This does not solve the problem, but can build your confidence for the day while alleviating the tired look.
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